From Traditional Shopping to E-Commerce Online Shopping

Wonder why people prefer shopping online? Here are some reasons:

1. It’s convenient and easy.
2. Just takes about a few minutes to order things online not hours.
3. An online store can be visited from anywhere in the world.
4. The items usually cost the similar prices except delivery charges and some service charges.

So in the modern days, most of the people think that shopping online is convenient and better than normal shopping as it is time consuming. Most of the people shop online to purchase items such as Electronic goods, Shoes, Gifts, Flowers etc. Most recent surveys show that the percentage of online shoppers is ever increasing over the years. In the coming years, the percentage will always be increasing for sure.
In this article we’ll take an example of buying shoes online.

It consumes a lot of time to go to footwear store and buy shoes. Well there are many genuine online shoe stores that offer quality services and support for their products. Online store can have more numbers of products and styles than a physical store. Purchasing shoes from web stores is convenient and time saving. Some of the big online stores like, have a wide range of brands and types of shoes to offer. These kinds of stores have a number of categories related to footwear such as shoes for men, shoes for women, shoes for kids, designer shoes, occasional shoes, sandals, chappals, slippers etc. These websites also have a number of payment options like credit card payment, debit card payment, netbanking, cash on delivery, bank transfer, PayPal etc. Shopping carts offer the facility of adding multiple items in the cart. With the enhancement of rich and secured payment gateways, more customers have started to prefer online shopping.

What’s more advantageous is that, Online shop is a website that runs 24/7. Anytime you can check out for your favorite shoes and other footwear. Online store is an advantage for the buyers as well as for the sellers. For sellers, it doesn’t cost huge amount of physical store rent and the expenses of salaries for salesmen. The shoes are priced at lower prices due to this reason. And more importantly, a physical store is limited to some geographical location where as Virtual store has a capacity of reaching global customers. Online stores usually offer lot of discounts than in a physical store. But for the buyers, it’s always advised to go for a reputed online shop. The popularity and quality of the website can be searched in search engines like Google, yahoo by searching for feedback and comments about the site.

Tips for Online buyers:

1. Go for a genuine online shop.
2. Check whether the live support is online for the mentioned time on the site.
3. Read feedback and complaints about the store.
4. Choose online store that has security certificates.
5. Call the phone numbers given on the website.

Self Help Books – Five Fantastic Steps To Better Lifestyle

Self Help Books Origin

Self help books seem to be penned for many decades, perhaps hundreds of years. In fact the earliest recorded self help books are considered the books from the bible. Regardless of the fact all of these early books address a good deal relating to self improvement usually around the religious impression; they are also filled up with thoughtful words along with guidance. It feels right that from the moment humanity could write, a large amount of our writing associated transferring down practical knowledge, wisdom along with guidance that could permit people to attain individual success, right from the expertise of many others.

All cultures do a similar thing. In which there would be no written expression, cultures explained stories, common myths along with legends to mention ultimately just what exactly we nowadays would refer to as self-help. Any advice received from forebears together with old generations is actually corresponding to what we would at this moment consider lifestyle or life skills advice.

So it is not since though self-help publications are a completely new phenomenon, far away from it! It is in which nowadays it’s very simple for one to express the storyline of just how their own lifestyles transformed or was elevated. Furthermore there has been an increasing self insight through 20th century which all of us can take highly effective techniques to a even better lifestyle if we model those individuals who have been successful to make a beneficial life style change, especially if we could read which individual’s personal development manual as well as stick with their program.

Keep in mind in the 19th century and before, the dissemination of knowledge was considered not quick and infrequent. If you resided in a small village in Great Britain it wouldn’t turn out to be feasible for yourself to learn the best life-style principles of a knowledgeable man in China, and vice versa.

The ease and convenience of distributing data partnered with this self awareness has guide to a publishing empire dedicated to self help, personal development, and target setting and so on.

Therefore is the ballooning interest in writing of self help books a fantastic point? Without debate, yes it is. Only because at this time there are plenty of possibilities to adhere to your own passions, change your current lifestyle, upgrade your lifestyle, as well as set up a considerably better life-style for yourself. If you identify a book that is straight in your personal specialization or one that is fairly well deemed, you will almost surely identify important and vital life-style strategies, information as well as solutions.

You merely will need to one or two crucial life improving items of guidance via a self help book to pay back the expense of your own time and money lots of times over.

And thus exactly what is the greatest method to benefit from self help books and self help strategies?

Five Fabulous Steps
Following is a highly effective Five Step Course of action:

1. Determine Your Specialized niche

Presently there are much too numerous self help books for you to examine them all. Therefore aim the books that specially link to your current niche, your circumstance or your level in life.

2. Handle It As A good Investment

Shopping for self help books and programs, and going through personal growth training seminars and so forth is an important investment in you, your life and also the people of those around you. Do not go cheap or wait. Making an investment in your own individual improvement definitely will be the very best investment you ever in your life make. In fact I strongly encourage you to spending budget aspect of your annual revenue to individual improvement, possibly 10%. Triumphant organizations spending budget an enormous percentage of their income to research and development, why shouldn’t you!

3. Commit Your Time

It is all pretty well deciding to buy self help books and programs on the other hand regretfully which often is all that a lot of persons do! Their whole personal development stays within its box gathering dirt. As well as you undoubtedly understand:

When you do nothing at all, you get nothing!

Thus try to make assured you invest a huge amount of your hours in goal setting, personal growth and also your own personal success.

4. Always be A good Lively Learner

With respect to analysis by Edgar Dale (1969) and his Cone of Learning, on average all of us merely remember 10% of exactly what we study. On the other hand we all keep in mind 90% of precisely what many of us say and carry out. For you to gain the most out of self books and programs:

Perform the exercises;
Take quite a lot of paperwork; and
Use the techniques.

5. Spread the Word

One of the excellent miracles of life is staying able to contribute to another people advancement. Thus while you discover an excellent self help book, pass it on. If perhaps you uncover a personal success fundamental, teach many people. One of the elements I appreciate to do is actually buy books I realize these people will appreciate. If I find a good helpful guide or a wonderful personal development book I recognize a friend can enjoy, I spend money on it for them. I do not delay for their birthday celebration; I certainly pay for it for them to bless them all.

Share the real love, and also try to make the universe a far better place.

Film Review – Delhi Belly The Movie

Released on July 1, Delhi belly is an Indian comedy film shot in English with a little Hindi. It is directed by Abhinay Deo, the son of veteran actors Ramesh and Seema Deo. He is a ad-film maker turned director and has shown a great piece of direction in form of “Delhi Belly”.

The Review:

Delhi Belly revolves around Three room-mates, Tashi Dorjee Lhatoo (Imran Khan), Nitin Berry (Kunaal Roy Kapur) and Arup (Vir Das) leading an unkempt and debt-ridden life. Delhi belly has been in news as it is full of adult language, catchy songs and unconventional sex shows. There are sparks of humour and vulger scences throughout the film and this is what makes it a worth watch. I bet that you will not face any boredom while watching this movie.

The film start’s with Sonia’s arrival into the city where she meets Vladimir Dragonsky and agrees to deliver a packet on behalf of him to the address mentioned by him. Sonia hands over the packet to Tashi who in turn asks Arup to deliver it for him. Arup then hands the packet to Nitin for delivery, But Nitin forgets to do so as he is experiencing ‘Delhi Belly’ ( stomach issues).

Thus the Package keeps floating around and is finally handed to the recipient, a gangster named Somayajulu by Arup. Apart from the package, Arup also has to deliver another package which contains Nitin’s stool sample to Nitin’s Doctor. He mixes up the two which makes Somayajulu furious and he starts the investigation by interrogating Vladimir. The film revolves around the chaos created by the interchanging of the packets.

In the meanwhile, Tashi gets attracted towards menaka, a journalist and has to incur the wrath of her ex-husband Rajiv. He starts comtemplating whether he really wants to marry sonia. Here, Vladimir informs Somayajulu that the mix-up must have been caused by Sonia as she didn’t know what she was carrying in the package. Somayajulu then calls sonia and tells her about the mix-up of the packets and also asks her to give the address of the person who was to deliver the packets. Somayajulu then goes to the address and finds Arup and makes him stand on the stool whilst his neck is tied with a tie to the ceiling. Tashi arrives at the apartment in the meanwhile to find Arup being tied to the ceiling. On interrogating Tashi, Somayajulu discovers the location of his packets.

Nitin gets the packets from the doctor’s clinic and Somayajulu snatches it from him to examine the 30 diamonds which are ought to be there in the packet. After finding them safe, he orders his men to kill all the three friends, Tashi, Arup and Nitin. In the meanwhile, the ceiling to which Arup is tied falls down and injures Somayajulu and his men. Tashi, Arup and nitin escape them along with the diamonds and celebrate their good fortune. They sell the diamonds to a local jewellery shop owner the very next day. But to their dismay and bad luck, Somayajulu kidnaps Sonia and threatens to kill her if they do not hand over the diamonds to him. The trio, feeling disgusted, goes to get the diamonds from the jewellery shop owner, only to be told that they will have to pay him double.

The trio starts worrying when tashi comes up with a plan. Nitin, Arup, Tashi and Menaka disguise themselves in burqa and go to the jewellery shop. They con the owner, take back their diamonds and return his money. Then they go to the hotel where somayajulu has held Sonia. In the meanwhile police also reach there following tashi’s car as they chase him for robbing the jewellery store. The trio hands over the diamonds to Somayajulu and tell him to leave sonia. Police enters the room by then and firing takes place in which only Tashi, Nitin, Arup and sonia survive. Tashi then chooses Menaka over Sonia but Menaka refuses to go with him. Later, When Menaka comes over to Tashi’s place to hand over his belongings, Tashi jumps over her car in through the open Window and Kisses her hard.

Cast of the film:-

Imran Khan as Tashi Dorji Lhatoo.
Kunal Kapur Roy as Nitin Berry.
Vir Das as Arup.
Poorna Jagganathan as Menaka.
Shenaz Treasurywala as Sonia.
Vijay Raj as Somayajulu.
Kim Bodnia as Vladamir Dragunsky.
Aamir Khan in an Item song (“I hate you, like I love you”).
Anushka Dandekar In a Special appearance.

You will not be bored for a minute while watching this film. I did thoroughly enjoy myself while watching this move.
4/5 ratings for a short and a sweet movie.

What Makes Hair Grow Faster? 4 Things You Need To Find Out

Are you still clueless as to what can make your hair grow faster? If you are, then you have definitely come to the right page! Read this article from start to finish and you will surely find the appropriate solutions to your hair problems. Pick up some hair tips and tricks to make your hair grow longer and faster. Here are just a few of them to help you grow your hair quicker:

1. Get haircuts once every month.

Getting a haircut has always been effective in stimulating hair growth. That is why make sure you get a regular hair trim once every month. In that way, you avoid getting split ends and damaged hair. Because your haircutter will cut the hair even before it grows longer, the growth of dull hair will be prevented as well.

What is more, by letting your haircutter trim the dry hairs, you can be sure that you will not need to consume more shampoo like before.

2. Choose Your Hair Products Meticulously

Check the ingredients of every hair product you will use. Keep in mind that you do not need a hair grower with harsh ingredients. As a matter of fact, it is better to choose the more natural ways to grow hair as they bring more effective results. For this, you may well take into consideration the need to finally do away with the commercially available hair shampoos and hair growers in the market. After all; they have been proven to contain harsh ingredients which can be very harmful for your mane. In their place, opt for the more natural techniques of growing your hair.

3. Manage Your Hair With Utmost Care

Do not tie your hair tightly as it can only cause breakage in your hair. To make sure you provide your mane the proper care it needs, the first thing you will need to do is choose the appropriate comb or brush. If you have thick or dull and frizzy hair, look for a comb or brush that is wide-toothed. This will ensure that there will be no breakages in your hair that can contribute to slower growth.

4. Live Healthy Life Style

Lastly, make sure you stay away from junk foods or other unhealthy foods that will not give you any nutritional benefit. Instead, eat foods that will provide more proteins to your body. By doing this, your hair will surely regain the moisture it previously had. Besides, always remember that your lifestyle will always dictate how you will look. That is why do not make it a habit to sleep less than the required eight hours or eat too much junk foods. Otherwise, it will eventually show on your hair. To avoid such hair problems, make sure you follow these four tips on what can help you grow your hair longer and a lot faster. Then, you can be confident that you have finally found the most suitable solutions to getting that long and beautiful hair you have always wanted!