Caring For Your Hair Scissors Can Ensure Maximum Efficiency and Durability

Hairdressing shears are considered to be very important tools for any hairstylist, be it a beginner or an experienced one. They need these scissors in order to perform their job day-in and day-out. There are many different types of hair shears or scissors which can be used in order to accomplish certain haircutting techniques. That is why you will notice that professionals always use hair shears in order to achieve the desired results. A good hairstylist never uses a craft scissor for cutting those locks.

If you are in need of a pair of scissors for cutting hair then your best bet would be the good quality hair tools. These are extremely efficient and they last longer too. In order to have efficient results it is imperative to choose hair tools which are of great quality. So just for the sake of a bit more savings do not compromise on the quality of the haircut. However for many it is quite a frightening task to select the right kind of hair scissors because of the vast number of scissors available, so one can easily make a mistake in making a selection. If you can afford it then you should shop from branded and reputable companies only because the scissors here are bound to be top-notch!

However merely purchasing a good quality scissor is only half the battle won, you need to take care of it nicely in order to ensure that it lasts long and stays efficient. For this you will need to keep in mind the following three things:

1- Cleaning: Like every other item, even hair scissors can collect dust, so that is why cleaning it is essential. It is important to clean your scissors occasionally in order to prolong its ‘life span’. Remember to wash your haidressing shears in warm soapy water. This gets rid of any accumulated dirt, oil and even hair products sticking on the blades! One should be careful not to let the scissor hit the ground or the sink while washing since it is slippery. When the pointed tips or the blades of the scissor hit the ground forcefully, it can damage it and hence its performance would be depreciated.

2- Drying: Now simply cleaning your scissors and letting them air dry won’t do. You will need to wipe it dry with a soft and clean towel. Not wiping the scissor dry would only lead to accumulation of water in the joints, which in turn causes rusting. Hence be sure to wipe your scissor dry and be careful while doing so because the blades are very sharp.

3- Lubricating: Sometimes because of excessive usage the scissors can end up ‘jammed’ and this prevents free movements of the blades, thus making it very difficult to work with. In order to avoid this one should make lubrication of the scissors a regular task. You can use lubricating oil or any other mild oil for this purpose. Simply squirt a little bit of oil onto the joint, which is the meeting point of the blades, and open and close the scissors several times so that the oil will be evenly distributed.